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till like an old ewe, i’m shorn of beauty

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magical thinking

at what point do we give in and let the thesis terrorists win? at what point do i say what’s important and what’s not? and more importantly, was that supposed to come before the nervous breakdown?

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courage, amie.

well today i got rejected from my first Ph.D. program. i don’t know how i feel just yet and i don’t think i’ll be musing on the subject for very long or often (either on my own or on this blog). i have to go about my day, take a look at myself, take a look at the process and try to be as emotion-less as possible. it’s hard. but taking pictures and playing chamber music with friends helps.

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please tell me i won’t grow up to look like a musicologist

me and my war requiem score in a sweet embrace.

Britt Olsen-Ecker, photographer
October 2009

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