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a little housekeeping

go check out my tech tumblr, Techademia (http://techademic.tumblr.com) where i talk about my life as a 21st-century academic, sharing all of my favorite tips about hardware and software and where i answer your questions! videos, links, pics and all that fancy stuff.

if you’re on twitter, i hope you were able to check out tweets from the Society for American Music conference labelled with the hashtag #Sonneck2013. go look it up, the tweets were mega informative and interesting (and i wasn’t even there!) also includes links to lots of pictures and videos. — i’m quite glad that people are getting into the spirit of tweeting musicology conferences (other disciplines do it so much better, ESPECIALLY librarians). i’ll try to keep you updated with conference hashtags as they come along and if you go to a conference and have a twitter, consider doing a little tweeting yourself! it’s fun and it creates a great public record.

up next on the docket is a post on race that i’ve been musing on for some time. this is sort of a tough one. but there may be some talk about admissions and making tough decisions in the next few weeks. stay tuned.

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it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

just cause everybody’s doing it: a (brief) compilation of my entries for this year’s #operaplot!

1. the mate was pretty venus’ son/the queen was strong & sure/Italie the gods cry the queen’ll die/in this 5 hour tour a 5 hour tour

2. why does the devil always get the good music? this isn’t “the damnation of Lucifer”!

3. heres a story of a lovely lady/who was watching 2 very scary kids/both of them had ghosts who wanna keep them/every1 gets screwed

4. let’s make a deal! door #1=bloody jewels door #2=bloody weapons door#3 = dead wives. wait, shouldn’t one be a car or something?

5. i ❤ a girl but she's w/a thug i'll trick him into getting arrested. wait he's back & took my girl to NYC? oh lawd i'm on my way!

6. baritone lets crazy lady (man? lady?) ride boat for free. puts up w/her moans & reunites lady w/lost (dead) son?! domo arigato!

7. sid & nancy aren't punks but they sure start a riot! albert, mom always said not to drink the kool-(lemon)-aid!

8. stutter much?/throw a punch!/send that Claggart out to lunch/starry Vere/must adhere/beauty Billy must die, i fear

9. from the Piazza San Marco to Lido there's enough malaria and cute Polish boys to go around! book your tickets now, one way only.

10. restless Etruscan rides all night to have way w/chaste Roman. Roman has a "hangover" only suicide can cure. is this it all?

11. Elizabethan queen/though we're sharing the same dream/while our hearts still beat as one/no courtly love (or dances) on the run

can you guess?

1. Berlioz – Les Troyens
2. Berlioz – La Damnation de Faust
3. Britten – Turn of the Screw
4. Bartok – Bluebeard's Castle
5. Gershwin – Porgy and Bess
6. Britten – Curlew River
7. Britten – Albert Herring
8. Britten – Billy Budd
9. Britten – Death in Venice
10. Britten – The Rape of Lucretia
11. Britten – Gloriana

(i tried to do all of the Britten operas, save Grimes. i think it turned out pretty well!)

for more information on #operaplot, what it does & why it’s so awesome, check out its home at The Omniscient Mussel. (if you know where that comes from, you get an internet cookie!)

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acts of conspicuous symphonization

con⋅fer⋅ence  [kon-fer-uhns, -fruhns]
1. a meeting for consultation or discussion: a conference between a student and his adviser.
2. an event where like-minded people geek out over like-minded things. “I just got back from the AMS conference!”

okay, so i made up that last definition, but don’t you think that sums it up? AMS Philadelphia 2009 was great and just like any other academic conference, had its ups and downs. granted, the downs for me included getting lost, getting lost, getting lost, getting stuck in traffic, paying way too much money for tolls, driving for seven straight hours, getting lost and getting lost but the ups, both personal and professional overshadowed all of that.

(okay, maybe i still like the getting lost stories. they’re really rather funny.)

for the business side:
as per usual, i go to AMS to see other students, colleagues and professors, catch up and hopefully hear some interesting papers. saturday proved to be the best day all around: caught some really fascinating papers on Avant-Garde Diaspora, Luxe Pop and Pastiche and Neo-Classicism. saturday also happened to be the day where i saw the most people, had the best conversations and of course, attended the giant joint reception. (have to say, not a fan of the format and i’m sticking to that.) the big downside, however, to going to a four day conference is the toll it takes on your body and mind. as i sat diligently in the British Topics session, hearing about Constan Lambert and RVW, i found myself fighting to focus – and not because i wasn’t totally enthralled by the paper. my body had had it! which leads us to…

the personal side:
now last year at AMS in Nashville, i was the only Peabody student who attended. yeah, i had friends but it was a little lonely. it was nice this year to have other students and other Peabody professors there along with the slew of friends i’ve made over the years. went to some great dinners and lunches, saw Philly and enjoyed being in the company of other musicologists. if you’re interested in my thoughts in real time from the conference, check out my twitter feed at www.twitter.com/idmbassoon, for which, i’m sure, i’ve already gotten in trouble. (also do a search for #amsphilly2009 and see what other friends & musicologists were saying about the conference)

on the whole, the conference was great. sure, i went to some not-so-great papers but that’s to be expected. i learned enough but what i will take from it are the connections that have been made and cemented and the time spent.

oh yeah, and this:

(god, that will never stop being funny.)

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#amsphilly09: a countdown

okay you guys, a week from today (tomorrow? how do those things work exactly?) i’ll be piling in my trusty rental car and hitting the road to Philadelphia. i’ve been looking forward to the American Musicological Society conference for quite some time which probably speaks badly on my social life. oh well.

so stay tuned, sports fans! i’ll be posting a lot of pictures of myself, bloggers, musicologists, friends, professors and the city of brotherly love. it’ll be a nerdfest spectacular.

also #amsphilly09 is a hashtag on the twitter. search for it, check it out, use it.

till the great exodus, here’s a little old school fresh prince/dj jazzy jeff (as inspired by the ever amazing Dr. Mark Katz):

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